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25+ years of experience in Family Law

At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we devote our family law practice to helping each client emotionally and relationally heal by helping them obtain the best possible legal outcome for their divorce.

Divorce Attorney

We are dedicated to helping you feel comfortable throughout your case and guiding you through each step. The final settlement in a divorce case can have a significant impact on your life and your children's future, so we encourage you to contact our firm!

Family Law

Strong Representation for All Types of Family Law Cases Your case requires you to make fast, yet hugely impactful, decisions regarding various factors that will affect your and your children's lives.

Child Custody Attorney

We know what it takes to effectively defend your case, and we know how to help you pursue the results that you need.


Representing Family Law Cases for 25+ Years

Steven N. Cole will also represent you in Family Law cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance.

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25+ Years of Experience

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Attorney Steven N. Cole

Caring, Capable & Comprehensive Legal Representation


Regardless of your type of family law problem or how difficult your situation is, we have the experience required to help you find an answer.


What Our Clients Say About Our Services

We offer free consultations as well as weekend and evening appointments. Get started on your case by calling (480) 333-5588 today.

Represented me for my divorce. Was great at making sure I understood my rights as a father. My ex tried to get sole decision making and full custody without justification and through Mr. Cole's representation, she lost her request handily. Mr. Cole is knowledgeable, experienced and gets it done. Would highly recommend.

J. Davis | Divorce Client

Steven Cole was very knowledgable and experience with my case and now have my child 50% of the time, reduced my child support and got spousal maintenance dropped. Also have a very strong, experience, and knowledgeable paralegal "Jo" and Attorney Kelly. The right combination for great results!!!

A Family Law Client

I'm extremely happy in the way Steve and his staff handled my custody case. He was very attentive to my needs and I can't thank him enough. Although it was a difficult process, I always felt as if the staff and him had my best interest in mind. Besides that his pricing was better than most that I was quoted by other lawyers, so good job on that one too.

Gloria | Child Custody Client

Mr. Cole was the third and last attorney I needed in my child custody and support disaster caused by the attorneys before him. After wasting so much money, he was my last hope and didn't disappoint me. He successfully worked with the 2 weeks remaining to give me justice!! He is the best and I'm confident you will get justice if you find yourself in a similar situation like I was.

Chase | Child Custody Client

I needed a great family attorney. What I got was the best family attorney in Phoenix. He understood my problem and went right to work with a solution. In a really tough time, Mr Cole put me at ease, that he not only had the best interest of my child at heart, but mine as well.

Rob | Family Law Client

Well, I was in a very tough spot and got very good advice throughout ... the office was very responsive also ... very reasonable indeed ... I'd call them, let them know what you are dealing with.

A Family Law Client | Family Law Client

Steve's office has helped me with my divorce and custody 3 years ago and now I am currently dealing with more custody and Child support. His firm has helped me with all my needs and made sure they have advised me on my rights as a parent and what the best choices are for me and my daughter. I have recommended him to people who I work with and friends. Great Firm, great attorney.

A Child Custody Client | Divorce & Child Custody Client

Steven has superior knowledge with the legal processes, judges, courts and other lawyers. His firm truly cares about their clients, children and all those affected. He studies, prepares and reads his opponents like no other and can change strategies with ease. We have used his services on and off since 2006. Last summer my child was abducted by her mother who was unhappy with the latest court ruling. His firm was crucial in finding, securing sole custody and preventing re-abduction. My family is forever indebted to Steven Cole and his wonderful staff.

A Family Law Client | Child Custody Client

Steven Cole did an exceptional job on my case. I was in a 20 year marriage and my ex-wife did not work for a great part of our marriage. There was extreme parental alienation and my ex-wife did not want to share custody. Steve was able to get Spousal Maintenance reduced to a manageable level. More importantly, he was able to get me joint custody with a very favorable visitation schedule. I highly recommend his services.

Steve | Custody & Spousal Maintenance Client

I am currently in a nasty custody battle. Steven and his office can remember your name first hand when you call and when you arrive at there office. They keep you well informed of everything going on in your case. This office, I would recommend it to anyone seeking any family matters that need to be resolved in court. They are very aggressive when it comes to going to court. This office truly cares about what happens to your family.

Alberto | Child Custody Client

Our firm is well-known for our personalized method of care. As such, our divorce lawyers in AZ will stay in constant communication with you throughout the legal process, helping you make sound decisions every step of the way.


Arizona’s Divorce & Family Lawyers with Best Results

The Law Office of Steven N. Cole is dedicated to individual client relationships, which is why you will work closely with our knowledgeable attorney during your case.


Arizona Divorce Lawyer
  • The Divorce Process
  • Uncontested vs. Contested
  • Military Divorce
  • High Asset Divorce
  • Property & Debt Division
  • Premarital  Agreements
  • Post Marital Agreements
  • Alimony Maintenance
  • Spousal Maintenance

Child Custody

Arizona Child Custody Attorney
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Modification and Enforcement
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome
  • Parental Relocation Disputes
  • Paternity
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Grandparents Rights
  • Step-Parents Rights

Domestic Violence

Arizona Domestic Violence Lawyer
  • Domestic Violence Charges
  • Stalking
  • Assault or Aggravated Assault
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Child Abuse
  • Violating a restraining order

Juvenile & Emancipation

Arizona Emancipation Attorney
  • Custody of your child again
  • Juvenile Dependency Action
  • Proper Parental Care
  • Effective Parental Care
  • Care for the child’s physical needs
  • History of abuse or neglect

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We offer a Broad Range of Family Law Services

Our lawyers will also represent you in Family Law cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance.


With more than 20 years of experience, our firm’s Phoenix divorce lawyer can help you with a child support dispute. Child support is an important matter that will affect the life of your child or children during an emotional divorce case. Both parents are required to financially provide for their child, which is the objective of child support.


Divorce is a serious legal matter that can have a major impact on your future. In the years following the dissolution of your marriage, many aspects of your life will be affected, including your parental and financial rights. With the stakes so high, you will want to ensure that you retain adequate representation to help you navigate each step of the process. Get Steven N. Cole, LLC by your side to protect your rights and future.


Domestic violence and abuse is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If you believe that your family is in danger, then it is important to contact the police. If you want to obtain a restraining order, a divorce, relocation privileges or other family law-related issues, our firm can help. Steven N. Cole, LLC is a Phoenix family law firm with more than two decades of legal experience and a dedication to providing one-on-one personal representation for clients.


At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we help parents get reunited with their children. We have worked with CPS in a number of instances to help parents get custody of their loved ones again. If you are seeking custody of your child, contact us for a free consultation. We will provide honest, straightforward answers about your legal standing under Arizona law. We know how to help in your case, and we will provide you with the information and advice that you need to make an informed decision concerning your future. Let our Phoenix emancipation lawyers help in your situation!

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce.

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