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Aggressive Divorce Lawyer

Divorces in the State of Arizona often require expert legal counsel. Not only is it valuable to have someone in your corner that understands each step of the divorce process, with the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole, you also get an attorney that knows when to be aggressive to achieve results.

As you begin the divorce process, our attorneys will walk you through the common steps of filing petitions, determining decree options, and gathering preliminary information. We will discuss what you expect from the other party, the informal agreements you may already have in place, and develop a plan for moving forward with the divorce in both ideal and “less than ideal” circumstances.

If agreements cannot be reached about all or some aspects of the divorce, it is then considered contested, and the attorney’s real work begins.

Contested Divorce
A contested divorce doesn’t necessarily mean that the involved parties have animosity toward one another, or that every decision is a conflict that needs to be resolved in a courtroom. It does mean, however, that certain aspects of the divorce are not mutually agreed upon, and that further legal process is required to find a solution.

The most common disagreements in a contested divorce are related to child custody, child support, and the division of marital assets, but each case has its own unique components.

Moving forward with a contested divorce can be complex and time consuming, but the experienced team at the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole can assist at every stage, including:
Filing Petitions
Gathering and completing
necessary forms/paperwork
Settlement Propositions
Pre-Trial Motions
Divorce Discovery
Court Trials

Each stage of this process consists of small details, filing the appropriate paperwork, maintaining schedules, submitting documentation, and so on. Our team will be by your side throughout the duration of your contested divorce proceedings.

Aggressive Divorce Lawyer
As you prepare to file for divorce, or as you discover that there are more disagreements than anticipated, you might think, “Do I need an aggressive divorce lawyer?”

If you’re expecting a long battle with little compromise from the other party, the answer may well be yes – but it’s important to understand that “aggressive” does not mean cruel or spiteful. Even the most aggressive divorce attorneys won’t participate in the emotional side of the divorce.

While we feel compassion for our clients, and understand that emotional weight of dissolving a marriage, our focus is on the legal and financial components – not “getting back” at the other party. Instead, think of an aggressive divorce lawyer as someone tenacious, confident in their knowledge and research, who knows how to handle conflict with poise.

An “aggressive” attorney won’t back down when the other party’s lawyer pushes for an unreasonable demand. We take your needs and desires into account, and fight for your best interests in the areas of:
Spousal Support
Child Support
Division of Property
Child Custody
Assets (vehicles, real estate, pensions, savings, retirement funds, etc.)

An aggressive divorce lawyer in the State of Arizona will help you navigate the often difficult process of contested divorce, ensuring you get what you deserve, and offering expert counsel every step of the way.

To get started with a free consultation, contact the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole today!
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