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Helping You Keep Your Children Close

With more than 20 years of experience, our firm’s Phoenix divorce lawyer can help you with a child support dispute. Child support is an important matter that will affect the life of your child or children during an emotional divorce case. Both parents are required to financially provide for their child, which is the objective of child support. The court will order child support based on a variety of factors.

The variables used when calculating child support include:

  • Each parent’s monthly gross income
  • Cost of supporting children
  • Spousal maintenance order
  • Cost of childcare
  • Cost of medical insurance for the child
  • Parenting time schedule
  • Age of child

How We Can Help You with Your Case

Whether you are involved in a contested divorce or uncontested divorce, it is important to obtain quality assistance from an experienced legal guide. We can help you fight for your rights if you feel that you are paying too much child support or receiving too little, or help you enforce child support orders when your former spouse neglects payment. Our experience can be put to use to protect your child’s best interests. Contact Steven N. Cole, LLC to receive quality help from our firm!

Can I obtain a support modification?

In some cases, child support orders can be modified if a “substantial and continuing” change in either party’s circumstances exists. Following the petition to the court to make the modification, both parties will attend a conference with a conference officer to come to an agreement. That same day, the new decision will become a court order.

Some of the changes that the court may consider when evaluating a modification request include:

  • Income
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Needs of children based on age
  • Parenting time order

In the wake of a divorce or separation, your relationship with your children is the most important relationship in your life. Phoenix divorce attorney Steven Cole provides you with the legal representation, information and counsel you need in order to fight for custody of your children and for your rights as their parent.

Schedule a free case evaluation with our firm to obtain the quality representation that you deserve.

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