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Divorce Lawyer for Grandparents Scottsdale Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer for Grandparents

Some divorces can leave families fractured, and disputes about custody and visitation can ultimately lead to grandparents being pushed out of their grandchildren’s lives. This is an unfortunate consequence of marital dissolution and is not the fault of either the children or their grandparents.

While laws in the State of Arizona don’t expressly grant rights of visitation to grandparents based solely on familial relationships, there are avenues you can take to ensure that you still get to see your grandkids, even in the wake of a troublesome divorce and unfriendly relationship between the grandchild’s parents.

To achieve the best results, however, you’ll want to turn to an experienced divorce and family lawyer like the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole. Our team has handled a wide range of cases, including fighting for grandparents’ right to visitation in the wake of a messy divorce.

Path to Visitation

To create a legally enforceable right to visit your grandchildren, a petition must be filed with the court. Under Arizona Supreme Court precedent, such rights can be established after the child’s parents have been divorced for more than three months.

If this criteria is met, the court will then look at a number of factors:

  • Grandparent’s temperament and stability
  • Child’s best interests
  • Existing positive relationship between child and grandparent
  • Grandchild’s desire to see grandparents
  • Mutual benefit of both grandparents and grandchildren
  • Parent’s motivation for preventing visitation
  • Granparent’s motivation for pursuing visitation rightsOur team will review the unique characteristics of your situation and develop a strategy for pursuing visitation rights, work with you to complete and submit all necessary documentation, present evidence, and remain an advocate and source of guidance throughout the process.

    Custody for Grandparents

    In some extreme circumstances, a grandchild’s birth parents may be deemed unfit to provide care, and grandparents may seek custody. In relation to a divorce, this scenario can occur when both parties (parents/guardians) are engaged in domestic violence, substance abuse, excessive gambling, or other behaviors that threaten the stability of the home and the wellbeing of the child.

    These difficult situations are further complicated by the parents fighting to keep custody, other relatives also petitioning for custody, and other extenuating circumstances. A strong consideration is made for “in loco parentis” – that is, if you’ve been the primary caretaker of your grandchild for some time (more than a year, in some courts). The court will also assess your age, health, financial stability, and living space before considering custody.

    If this applies to you and your family, the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole can certainly help! We’ll help you evaluate all of the involved factors, and work with you to develop a plan, outline possible solutions, and move forward throughout the process of petitions, hearings, and court appearances. Family law experience is imperative in these cases, and our team has been fighting for the best interest of families and their children for more than 25 years.

    Whether you’re seeking custody or visitation rights, our team has the expertise to help you present your best case, gather the necessary information, and achieve your desired outcomes. To get started with a free consultation, contact the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole today!

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Represented me for my divorce. Was great at making sure I understood my rights as a father. My ex tried to get sole decision making and full custody without justification and through Mr. Cole's representation, she lost her request handily. Mr. Cole is knowledgeable, experienced and gets it done. Would highly recommend.

J. Davis | Divorce Client

Steven Cole was very knowledgable and experience with my case and now have my child 50% of the time, reduced my child support and got spousal maintenance dropped. Also have a very strong, experience, and knowledgeable paralegal "Jo" and Attorney Kelly. The right combination for great results!!!

A Family Law Client

I'm extremely happy in the way Steve and his staff handled my custody case. He was very attentive to my needs and I can't thank him enough. Although it was a difficult process, I always felt as if the staff and him had my best interest in mind. Besides that his pricing was better than most that I was quoted by other lawyers, so good job on that one too.

Gloria | Child Custody Client

Mr. Cole was the third and last attorney I needed in my child custody and support disaster caused by the attorneys before him. After wasting so much money, he was my last hope and didn't disappoint me. He successfully worked with the 2 weeks remaining to give me justice!! He is the best and I'm confident you will get justice if you find yourself in a similar situation like I was.

Chase | Child Custody Client

I needed a great family attorney. What I got was the best family attorney in Phoenix. He understood my problem and went right to work with a solution. In a really tough time, Mr Cole put me at ease, that he not only had the best interest of my child at heart, but mine as well.

Rob | Family Law Client

Well, I was in a very tough spot and got very good advice throughout ... the office was very responsive also ... very reasonable indeed ... I'd call them, let them know what you are dealing with.

A Family Law Client | Family Law Client

Steve's office has helped me with my divorce and custody 3 years ago and now I am currently dealing with more custody and Child support. His firm has helped me with all my needs and made sure they have advised me on my rights as a parent and what the best choices are for me and my daughter. I have recommended him to people who I work with and friends. Great Firm, great attorney.

A Child Custody Client | Divorce & Child Custody Client

Steven has superior knowledge with the legal processes, judges, courts and other lawyers. His firm truly cares about their clients, children and all those affected. He studies, prepares and reads his opponents like no other and can change strategies with ease. We have used his services on and off since 2006. Last summer my child was abducted by her mother who was unhappy with the latest court ruling. His firm was crucial in finding, securing sole custody and preventing re-abduction. My family is forever indebted to Steven Cole and his wonderful staff.

A Family Law Client | Child Custody Client

Steven Cole did an exceptional job on my case. I was in a 20 year marriage and my ex-wife did not work for a great part of our marriage. There was extreme parental alienation and my ex-wife did not want to share custody. Steve was able to get Spousal Maintenance reduced to a manageable level. More importantly, he was able to get me joint custody with a very favorable visitation schedule. I highly recommend his services.

Steve | Custody & Spousal Maintenance Client

I am currently in a nasty custody battle. Steven and his office can remember your name first hand when you call and when you arrive at there office. They keep you well informed of everything going on in your case. This office, I would recommend it to anyone seeking any family matters that need to be resolved in court. They are very aggressive when it comes to going to court. This office truly cares about what happens to your family.

Alberto | Child Custody Client

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