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Divorce Lawyer for Men/Fathers

While divorce laws in the State of Arizona and around the country have evolved to give more equal footing to men and women, many stigmas still persist that can negatively impact divorce outcomes for men, especially involving child custody, child support, and visitation rights.

At the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole, we treat each case individually, based on its own unique circumstances and merits. For many men, especially fathers, this approach is a welcome reprieve from a system that can feel stacked against them. We take the time to carefully gather documents, establish a track record of behavior for both parties in the divorce, and fight for your rights as both a spouse and a parent.

Support and Custody
While some families still conform to more traditional gender roles, many do not. Childcare responsibilities, primary income, household labor, etc. are all normal and common for either spouse to attend to, and in the event of a divorce, each party’s contributions need to be weighed equally.

In a contested divorce, our team conducts an in-depth discovery process to generate documentation and establish proof of your role in the household and as a parent. This critical step can make all the difference if the case goes before a judge, and can be the determining factor in earning you child support, spousal support, and/or custody of your child.

Even in situations where custody is split or awarded to the other party, our team will fight for your best interests in terms of support payments, getting you ample visitation time, and working closely with you throughout the process to understand your needs and wants, and pursue them diligently.

Protection and Property
In a divorce, some of men’s primary concerns have to do with money and property. The stereotypes persist because of a long history of “women getting everything in the divorce.” Fortunately, laws have modernized to help prevent this from happening as a matter of course, but that doesn’t change the perceptions that some judges, the other party, or their attorneys may hold onto.

The Law Offices of Steven N. Cole, however, don’t fall victim to such preconceptions, and instead treat each and every divorce case without assumption. We work with you to document all assets, determine contributions to the household, list values of personal property, document savings, retirement accounts, and so on, all to get a crystal clear picture of your finances and move forward with asset division free of surprises.

We’ll also be in your corner to fight back against any unreasonable demands, help you understand where it’s best to be flexible, and provide expert counsel throughout each step of the divorce process.

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, it’s important to have an experienced attorney at your disposal. Filing petitions, gathering paperwork, preparing for hearings, and so many other steps can be confusing, adhere to strict timelines, and require great attention to detail for the best outcomes.

We have years of expertise representing individuals in divorce cases of all kinds, including men and fathers who need tenacious advocates in a system often stacked against them.

To get started with a free consultation, contact the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole today!
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