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Divorce Lawyer for Women/Mothers

In the past, many state laws tended to favor women in divorces, including the State of Arizona. As times have changed, laws have modernized to give equal footing to both parties in the event of a divorce. That means, however, that divorcing women need reliable representation – and the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole are proud to provide expert counsel based on over 25 years of experience.

Divorce for Mothers
We stand for the rights of women and mothers, and have the expertise to navigate even the most complex contested divorces. We assist in the discovery process to ensure that all relevant information is documented and presented to the appropriate parties, and advocate for your parental rights if your case needs to go before a judge.

If you’ve been separated from your spouse prior to filing for divorce, our team will assist in accounting for majority time spent with children, who is providing primary care, who is handling costs like medical bills and school supplies, and dig into the details to make a strong case in your favor.

Establishing custody, determining child support payments, working out visitation times, and so many other crucial components of parenting are often front and center in divorce disputes, and the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole understands that these are emotionally sensitive issues. We take the time to truly listen to your concerns, take careful account of all circumstances, and help you determine a realistic plan of action in the best interest of you and your children.

Custody and Visitation
Most of the legal actions taken in divorce cases must center around documentation. Accusations and disagreements can play a role, but for a judge making a determination about your case, hard evidence is always more valuable.

In the discovery process, we will work with you to not only document and gather information about what has happened in the past, but also develop strategies for gathering evidence about the other party’s present behavior and establish a track record of your contributions as a parent.

Some factors can drastically affect a judge’s ruling about custody and visitation, and under Arizona law, some aspects of personal history can prevent the court from allowing a parent visitation rights, including:
Drugs/alcohol abuse
Physical abuse
Mental illness
Other behaviors determined to pose a risk to a child’s physical, emotional, moral, and developmental wellbeing

The Right Solutions for You
No two divorce cases are exactly the same, and our team understands the subtle nuance that drives parental concerns. We listen attentively to your needs, gather evidence and information that helps support your wishes, and work closely with you throughout the divorce process to ensure that rulings, agreements, and settlements work for you and children.

This process often involves some degree of negotiation, and we’re proud to use our experience to advise our clients about where to be flexible, where to stand firm, and how to find amicable solutions that lead to lasting agreements about custody, child support, visitation, legal decision-making rights, and beyond.

An expert Arizona divorce attorney can organize the fine details of your case to put your best legal foot forward, and work diligently throughout the divorce process to reach resolutions that will work for you in the long-term.

To get started with a free consultation, contact the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole today!
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