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At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we understand the severity of any family law case, we are aware of the difficult circumstances that you may be experiencing and we are intent on providing you with the legal services that you need. One of the many difficult aspects of a divorce is determining child visitation rights. Whether you have custody or not, visitation rights will affect you and it is crucial that you are able to make an effective case to help ensure a favorable outcome for your situation.

Our firm is dedicated to your success, and because of the differing nature of each individual case, we take the time to provide personalized representation in any legal matter we handle. When you choose us, your attorney will work exclusively with you to determine the best course of action and to help you achieve your goals in this case. If you are considering divorce or you are facing a legal visitation matter, then take the time to speak with one of our experienced divorce lawyers in Phoenix.

Determining Visitation Rights in Arizona

Preparing a visiting or parenting time agreement can be a complex matter in family law cases. If one parent does not receive custody of their child, they may still be entitled to visitation rights. Visitation is referred to as “parenting time” in Arizona because of the emphasis that this state places on parents maintaining a healthy relationship with their children.

The court will make many assumptions when deciding on a visitation arrangement, including:

  • The parents are fit to care for the child
  • Both parents desire to continue their relationship with the child
  • The parents are able to follow the parenting time plan
  • The parents can attempt to come to an agreement before resorting to involving the court
  • The visitation agreement is in the best interest of the child
  • The child requires the stability and consistency of both parents
  • The child will develop a strong relationship with both parents
  • The child will need open communication with both parents

Get Two Decades of Experience on Your Side

If you are looking for a comprehensive parenting time plan, our firm can provide you with the effective legal guidance you need. Our Phoenix divorce attorney has more than 20 years of experience helping clients navigate their divorce cases. When decisions regarding children must be made, you will need to ensure that your rights are protected. Schedule a free case evaluation with us to determine which route to take to resolve your case. Call now for the legal guidance you need!

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