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Uncontested Divorce

When you need an uncontested divorce attorney in Phoenix, AZ, look no further than the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole!

Arizona divorces fall into several distinct categories, and while uncontested divorces are among the simplest, they still require an attorney’s professional experience and attention to detail. An uncontested divorce is when one party files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, and both spouses agree to the terms of the divorce. To qualify as an uncontested marriage, Arizona law requires meeting the following criteria:

The marriage must be “irretrievably broken,” meaning there is no reasonable possibility that the spouses will get back together.
Both spouses must agree to the division of all of your property and debts.
Both spouses agree on the issue of spousal support.

There are, however, many necessary considerations even in this seemingly simple scenario. With more than 25 years of experience navigating divorce law, our team will work with you to assemble all of the details of your unique situation and provide the guidance needed to complete the divorce process as painlessly as possible.

In the State of Arizona, uncontested divorces may proceed by default, by consent decree, or by agreement, among other options, each requiring that certain conditions are met and the appropriate paperwork is submitted. Dependent on a number of factors, including children, next steps may include mediation, hearings, and ultimately, a judge’s decision. Each of these phases involve strict timelines, document submission, notarization, and other official agreements, all of which can be streamlined by working with an experienced Phoenix divorce attorney.

Step by Step Uncontested Divorce Assistance

Regardless of your unique circumstances and the exact nature of your divorce, our team can assist with:
Affidavit for Default
Consent Decree
Division of Property
Spousal Maintenance
Child Support
Visitation Agreements
Submission Timelines
Questions and Concerns

We’ll stay by your side every step of the way, ensuring that you maintain a thorough understanding of the entire process, your next steps, and what to expect as your uncontested divorce reaches legal resolution.

Compassionate Service
Even in the most ideal circumstances, going through a divorce can be an emotionally difficult time. When you’re already stressed about the dissolution of your marriage, the last thing you need is more hassle with complex documents, impatient personnel in the court system, and the challenge of learning every detail about the divorce process.

We work closely with our clients to lighten the load, guide them through the process, and achieve the results they’re looking for, all with the understanding that this is a sensitive time in your life, emotions may be running high, and that kindness, compassion, and patience can go a long way.

Our team is committed to results, of course, but we’re also committed to treating each client with care and respect.

Divorce Filing Recommendations
If you’re not sure what type of Arizona divorce filing is best for your exact situation, we have the experience to provide detailed guidance and recommendations throughout the process. As you walk us through your goals and expectations, potential roadblocks, details about children, and so on, we’ll help you put together a detailed plan that outlines each step in sequence. We’ll work with you to list assets, review any existing agreements you have, and ensure you understand the options available for your unique case.

Even uncontested divorces can be daunting, and the Law Offices of Steven N. Cole is proud to provide expert recommendations based on more than 25 years of experience. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation.
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